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Are you looking to get energy security for your company through reduction in the use of diesel, furnace oil, LPG and costly grid power?

EAI can do a feasibility study for the use of solar PV & thermal, biomass for heat and power, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency to dramatically cut down fossil fuel use and reduce your energy bills. See EAI’s SURE-FIRE offering for more.


 Until about three years back, you would have not heard management of too many industries and commercial establishments concerned about diesel.

Not any more. With the price of diesel almost doubling during this period, and expected to increase further, industries and commercial establishments depending on diesel gensets for backup power have seen their energy costs shoot up.

What are your views on how the Indian industry can tackle the rising cost of diesel? What are the key steps it should take?

This blog will discuss these. I also welcome your views and opinions on the same – please send your thoughts to narsi at eai.in

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