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With the Indian industrial and commercial sector keen on using their rooftop spaces to generate green power from solar PV, many of them are keen to know what are the key pre-requisites for their company to implement solar PV systems on their rooftops.

This blog post will discuss in detail these requirements.

The three most important requirements are as follows:

1. Enough sunlight – this of course is the most important!

2. Enough rooftop area – 1 kW of solar PV requires about 100 sqft of rooftop space

3. Appropriate Rooftop construction – your rooftop should be constructed such that it can take the weight of the entire solar panel system.

While the above three are the most important considerations, other considerations could be:

1. Extent of shadow – the less the shadow that falls from adjoining buildings and structures, the better

2. Budget – A kW of solar power will involve a capex of approximately Rs 1 lac (as of early 2014), so please take that into consideration!

3. Clear need for solar power – you should be able to use the solar power for your operations, which means you will need power during day time. This might seem obvious, but it is good to be sure, all the same

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