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Being an entrepreneur myself, I get the opportunity to meet many other entrepreneurs from a variety of fields.

One thing that is common to most of these entrepreneurs ( at least the good ones) is that they are more – make that much more – passionate about whatever they do, than the average John Doe.

Still, we all know that only one in about on hundred entrepreneurs actually succeed. Put another way, all the enormous passion ends up without adding much value to the ecosystem in 99% of the cases.

Which leads me to ask a question: What if entrepreneurs choose opportunities such that even if they lose, they would have added something valuable to the ecosystem? If this is possible, then becoming an entrepreneur suddenly becomes that much more attractive and worth its while.

I think the above construct is possible if entrepreneurs were to choose clean technology or the sustainability industry as the area of their interest. The success rate might only be slightly higher in this domain, but because of the nature of work and the difference even unsuccessful efforts could bring to the ecosystem, becoming a cleantrepreneur might be a highly satisfying avenue indeed.

I still recall what made me get into cleantech. It was after a long discussion with a friend of mine who is a well known management consultant in the US. It was the time when I was exploring various sectors for me get into as an entrepreneur. I told him how I plan to devote a large part of my life slogging it out as an entrepreneur, and then I asked him the key question: How should I choose the sector?

His answer was another question: If you are going to slog your neck off, wouldn’t it make sense if you chose a sector in which such efforts could make the biggest difference?

The key word here is “difference”. This could mean different (pun intended) things to different people. But if “difference” is taken to mean “making a difference to others”, I am sure that I chose the right sector to get into.

Just thought I would share these thoughts with you.

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About Narasimhan Santhanam (Narsi)

Narsi, a Director at EAI, Co-founded one of India's first climate tech consulting firm in 2008.

Since then, he has assisted over 250 Indian and International firms, across many climate tech domain Solar, Bio-energy, Green hydrogen, E-Mobility, Green Chemicals.

Narsi works closely with senior and top management corporates and helps then devise strategy and go-to-market plans to benefit from the fast growing Indian Climate tech market.

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