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As I am working on an interesting project for a client keen on shifting to biomass instead of natural gas, the current fuel, I am doing a bit of research on similar shifts that have happened elsewhere. I am putting down the list of such case studies. Hope this is useful to others looking at similar shifts, thanks.

Case study 1

Ukraine – Replacing natural gas with biomass

Sunflower husks have become the main energy source for our Ukrainian subsidiary Vatutinsky. They have successfully replaced gas, which has risen 60% in price over the past 2½ years.

With gas-fired rotary kilns, energy accounted for a large share of the plant’s costs. The unit makes chamottes for the European refractories and sanitaryware industries. Finding a cheaper, alternative fuel was crucial to its long-term future.

Replacing gas with coal was ruled out. Given the local abundance of straw, a renewable resource, a study was carried out on its use. After a series of tests at our French chamotte plant, it was decided to try sunflower seeds, another widespread crop in Ukraine.

After checking performance on a pilot facility in early 2009, the operation’s management worked to set up a full-size project. By May 2011, six months after the first investment, sunflower husk had replaced more than 60% of gas, leading to almost half a million euros in savings. The operation obviously led to a significant reduction in the unit’s CO2 emissions (a 59% decrease from 2010) and should be repeated on other kilns at the plant.

Source: Imersys

Case Study 2

Heat recovery and fuel switch from natural gas to biomass residues implemented at Renault Tanger Méditerranée (RTM) plant – Melloussa, Morocco

More from this UNFCC web site


Comparison of natural gas and biomass boilers – From Food Tech Info

Case Study 3

Case Studies on Wood Biomass Use in the Northeastern United States

This project was initiated to develop a Biomass Energy and Sustainable Forest Management Working Group in West Virginia and develop a series of case studies on the use of wood as an energy source. This document presents the information gathered at six visits to facilities that currently use wood biomass as an energy source.

The preparation of this document was financially aided through a grant administered by the U.S. Department of Energy. The development of an Energy Conservation Program was prepared as a cooperative effort with the Energy Efficiency Program, West Virginia Development Office and the West Virginia University, Appalachian Hardwood Center

Full document from here

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