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Read a rather alarming news article today. This was about how large number of terrestrial vertebrates have become (and are becoming) extinct.

Since 150, over 320 terrestrial vertebrates have become extinct, according to the report. Tens of many other terrestrial vertebrates could face extinction.

“Tens” might not sound like a big deal, when we have heard of thousands of organisms vanishing over the past millennium, but let’s look at the kinds of animals we are talking about. Many of the similar terrestrial vertebrates facing extinction include folks such as elephants, rhinoceros and polar bears.

Imagine a world without elephants. It is not the loss of one species, it is a loss an entire phenomenon.

Loss of elephants will surely mean, to the entire ecosystem, much more than the loss of one species?

Whats equally alarming about the report is that, parallel to the extinction of these vertebrates, number of not-so-nice lads are gonna double – critters such as rodents and the disease causing parasites they carry.

Ladies and gentlemen, if a few hundred years later if we find ourselves (assuming mankind is still around) living in insulated quarantines because the world is dominated by killer parasites, we at least know who is to blame.

But the biggest loss at that won’t be that we have to watch out for nasty parasites all around.

It will be the fact that the kids won’t be able to see something cool and inspiring – elephants.

Ah, those elephants!

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