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I am currently working for a client keen on shifting from the use of natural gas to biomass for his heating/drying energy needs.

This is a fairly intricate assignment that has provided me an opportunity to see in-depth the real issues involved in both the supply chain and technology feasibility for the use of biomass in the place of fossil fuels.

At this stage of the assignment, I can only say “it is not easy, but it can be done.”

This assignment however prompted me to work further on a post I had started on EAI Club almost a year back in the context of fossil fuels to biomass.

This post has now been updated and provides a broad overview of the promise as well as the challenges involved in the shift to biomass based energy, especially biomass-based heating/drying.

Here is the link to the post, do let me know your thoughts and suggestions on what else you would like included in this.


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