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Of the 100 GW that the GoI wants to have of solar by 2022, NTPC is supposed to put up 15 GW.

Yep, that would be 15,000 blooming MW.

But what exactly is the plan behind this?

The idea is that NTPC will work along with many state governments and put up a couple of 1000 MW in 7-8 states, and have the state discom buy the solar power blended with thermal power, so that the overall cost for the discom is not very high.

Sounds good on paper. But it would not have been hard for many of you to have guessed, tough to make it roll on the ground.

An article in The Economic Times today has said that NTPC is finding it really hard to get discoms to agree to this plan. One, there is not a lot of extra thermal power that discoms could find to bundle solar power with, and two, they find the blended cost too costly.

Honestly, I don’t see how some of the bankrupt discoms could buy any power, leave alone costly power.

Yet again, the writing is on the wall – if the central government really means to get the 100 GW done, it has to get the money from somewhere on its own to fund whatever subsidies or financial transfers are required.

Mates, the state discoms are not gonna shell this out – forget it.

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