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I had earlier written in brief about NTPC’s 15 GW ambition for solar. That’s a big one of course, and we are all justified in being sceptical about such grand announcements.

But it appears that NTPC is far more serious than we would have assumed.

For a start, it has already inked pacts with the AP discoms for about 250 MW and these one phase agreement entails supply of power at Rs 6.16 per unit. This phase I understand is based on domestic modules, so that should bring some cheer to the beleagured Indian solar module sector.

The companies who have received allotments (I guess for EPC or modules or both) are Tata Power Solar, Lanco Solar, Sterling & Wilson (this could only be for EPC as these guys are not into modules) and BHEL (BHEL? – must be for modules)

The overall plan for AP for NTPC is 1000 MW in all, and when completed at Anantapur district, this is likely to be the largest single-location solar PV project, according to what folks say. If I remember my data right, this might be the largest single location solar PV project in the world, not just India.

A good beginning I’d say on many aspects.

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