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Mercom Group says India is all set to instal 2500 MW of solar power in 2015.

India installed 1000 MW in 2013 and about 900 MW in 2014 – there was thus a reduction in installed capacity in 2014, with the earlier government not doing anything because it was leaving, and the new government not doing anything either because it was settling down.

If 2500 MW does happen, and it does appear somewhere around that number will, it is about 150% increase over each of the previous two years. Not bad.

Of course, the question is whether this pace is anywhere near good enough for a country that aspires to instal about 15 MW on average over the next 7 years.

It is obvious that it is not good enough. But the year to watch is 2016. If India gets anywhere close to 10 GW installations next year, folks will really start believing that 100 GW is possible.

Once that confidence sets in, who knows where we can go.

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