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Pranav R Mehta


18 August, 2015

Press Note

National Solar Federation Welcomes Comprehensive New Gujarat Solar Policy encouraging All Categories – Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Users.

Attractive features include Rooftop Solar, Net Metering, Agricultural Pumps, Solar Park, Canal Top, ensuring RPO Compliance and REC Benefits

Much awaited New Gujarat Solar Policy has now seen the light of the day. I will describe this new policy as a “Pleasant surprise and indeed, excellent.”

If the earlier 2009 Policy was a trail blazer for Utility Scale Solar Plants, this new Policy can be acclaimed for its emphasis on decentralized solar power generation and benefitting actual user.

It takes care of what is really needed by the state and indeed the nation. Genuine consumers of electricity will clearly stand to benefit. The policy has not lost sight of RPO fulfillment and the new provisions will facilitate RPO compliance.

Distributed and Decentralized generation, another important area has also been very well addressed. Connectivity at all voltage levels is very well defined. Roof top solar installation is encouraged for all category of users, residential, commercial and industrial.

Introduction of Net metering and addressing all possible scenarios, including for Open Access are some of the other welcome features of the new solar policy.

Besides benefitting the consumers, this policy will help the local system integrators and MNRE Channel Partners, a welcome step indeed.

The Policy also addresses the need for manufacturing of Solar Panels and lays a much needed emphasis and encouragement to Technology Demonstration Plants.

We are getting encouraging and enthusiastic response and feedback from all solar energy stakeholders, not only from Gujarat, but from all over the country.

Pranav R Mehta


National Solar Energy Federation of India


Full details of the Gujarat Solar Policy are here.

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