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Indian population is currently marred with a major issue of open defecation. Sanitation and hygiene remain heavily compromised and all these factors eventually impact the development of the nation. Improper sanitation amenities have compelled several Indians to opt for open defecation. Existing toilets organica biotechare not only in a dilapidated condition but are also scarce. Open defecation leads to several disease conditions like cholera, diarrhea polio, hepatitis and intestinal worm disease. Young children are at an increased risk. Human fecal matter encompasses several organic compounds which not only give rise to foul odor but also pose significant risk to the environment . The importance of handling human waste cannot be undermined. According to WHO in 2014, an average of 2,000 children under the age of five die every day from diarrhea owing to open defecation.

One of the most efficient ways of handling human waste is anaerobic digestion. Bioclean Biodigestor engages several microbes which facilitate the break down of organic matter into simpler compounds. Anaerobic digestion encompasses a series of reactions wherein the microorganisms break the biodegradable matter in to simpler forms, in absence of oxygen. The process can be categorized into 4 major steps including hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis. The digestion process commences with the process of bacterial hydrolysis of carbohydrates and organic polymers which lead to the formation of soluble derivatives. The latter are further acted upon by acidogenic bacteria. This leads to the formation of organic acids, hydrogen and ammonia. The organic acids formed are further converted to acetic acid by acetogens. Methanogens convert the products of preceding intermediate stages in to methane, carbon dioxide and ammonia. Methane can be used as a fuel for industrial purposes.

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. aims at providing effective solutions to present environmental problems. One of our product, Bioclean BD, harbors a consortium of beneficial microbial strains. These can effectively degrade complex organic products into simpler forms, under anaerobic conditions. These are robust and lead to complete degradation of organic products. Thus, these can combat the issue of foul odor caused due to incomplete digestion of organic acids. These strains are microencapsulated owing to which they have an increased shelf life.

Another novel biological based technology such as bio-toilets is the perfect solution to this problem. Besides providing an enclosure to people, bio-toilets also a provide an apt on-site facility for the treatment and disposal of human fecal matter. The commissioning of these bio-toilets with specific and robust microbes can ensure that the waste is treated and converted into simpler by-products that are safe to dispose. These bio-toilets provide a reasonable, eco-friendly solution to the issue of open-defecation. Bio-toilets also can be moved to different locations thereby eliminating the need to build expensive new toilets again. Bio-toilets can be used at various different locations. These initiatives surely pave a way for greener future.

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