What are Perovskite solar cells? Why are they getting increasingly attractive in a C-Si dominated PV market? - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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While so far, it has been the crystalline silicon technology (denoted as c-Si) that has been dominating the solar PV market, with around 90% of total market share, one alternative that could pose some serious competition to siliconis Perovskite.

Perovskite solar cells that is made up of a perovskite-structured compound. Perovskites comprise organic molecules such as carbon and hydrogen that bind with a metal such as lead and a halogen such as chlorine in a three-dimensional crystal lattice. Scientists claim perovskite solar cells can be made cheaper and with fewer emissions.

Perovskites have become the fastest advancing solar technology with solar cell efficiencies having increased from 2.2% in 2006 to 22.1% in early 2016. They are opening up a big market mainly because they address some major limitations of conventional solar cells.

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