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It is common wisdom that the wind blows most when there is no sun, and the sun shines best when there is no wind.

OK, that’s putting rather poetically, and possibly not very accurately – essentially, wind power plants generate the most during evenings and nights and solar power plants of course generate the most electricity during day time.

If these two are complementary, how best can we leverage this fact?

This is where the concept of solar-wind hybrid power plants makes its entry.

An intelligent wag asked – “Why can’t we have solar and wind farms colocated, essentially making a hybrid from the two, so that the complementary nature of power generation ensures a more firm power from the hybrid than what we can get from either of the two?”

The nice folks at Solar Mango have taken the wag’s query in right earnest and provided details about the solar-wind hybrid power system over here. (part of Innovations in Solar series)

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