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Many companies in India, and worldwide, are shifting from the use of fossil fuels for their boilers to using biomass.

Such a transition is not easy though, given the significant differences between biomass and coal or other fossil fuels – differences both in terms of product characteristics as well as the supply chain and other market characteristics.

So, how can a company go about making the key decisions in its transition to a biomass boiler?

The nice folks at Boilers.Guide have put together a guide that eases this transition, specifically from coal to biomass boilers. This guide helps you iron out many of the uncertainties and questions a typical stakeholder has.

The guide provides pointers on what characteristics to look for while selecting the optimal biomass to be used in boilers, selecting the right form (i.e pellets, briquettes, loose) for transportation and storage and selecting the appropriate combustion system and pollution control equipment.

The guide is divided into three stages of selection with each stage providing information on the parameters to be considered, the pros and cons and examples to help you set up the most optimal biomass boiler.

Get more from the guide itself – Using Biomass for Boilers – the Way Forward.

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