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Mangalore based entrepreneur Ashwath Hegdehad, with his company Envigreen Biotech India Private Ltd in 2016 in Bengaluru, has come up with 100 per cent environment friendly and biodegradable bags.

“The EnviGreen (EG) bags are 100 per cent organic, edible and recyclable which will eliminate plastic from our country,” says Hegde.

EG carry bags look like plastic carry bags, but the company claims that they don’t use even one per cent of plastic. The product is poised to hit the Indian market in January 2017.

“We are using a patented technology using natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives and vegetable waste,” says a company officialemphasising that the products are non-toxic to the environment, both animals and plants. “Conventional plastic bags are toxic and harmful. EG RLS bags can biodegrade 100 per cent in less than 80 days.”

EG bags can burn and dissolve in water. The technology provides EG products an electric dissipative feature (suitable for electronic wrapping) along with anti-static feature-dust repellent, oxygen barrier-corrosion prevention, oil/grease resistance. It dissolves in hot water (80 degree Celsius) and softens in water at room temperature. It can carry the same weight as any other conventional bags, with the largest being able to lug 8-10 kilograms.

Interesting indeed, would be nice to know a bit more about the actual raw materials used, and any other challenges the bag faces, apart from incompatibility with water.

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