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On the world stage, India is seen as a forward-looking country in the transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy. Very recently, record low bids for both wind and solar energy development, which were below Rs.3.5/kWh, are very positive developments. Apart from making the electricity network green, India also has a vision to electrify all its transport by 2030. Given that India has 200 million vehicles on the road, the vision might seem audacious but according to Prof. Jhunjhunwala, a highly respected academic at IIT Madras with immense contribution to clean technology, it is possible if the government focuses on the right industrial policy to promote electric drivetrain manufacturing in India.

Led by Minister of Roads, Ministers of Oil, Environment, and New & Renewable Energy have formed a working group to chart the road to electrifying India’s transportation. The group has formed an intergovernmental panel, of which Prof. Jhunjhunwala is a member.

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