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When I say “Cut down travel to reduce your Carbon footprint” many people look at me askance.

It is as if I were trampling on their most fundamental right.

Sure, you love to travel. It’s fun. And depriving you of travel is depriving you of something precious.

Life without travel – is it worth living? You ask me.

For jerks like me who are super happy sitting inside my home or office and being wedded to our desks, travel might not be a big deal.

But you are different, aren’t you? You are a travel-bug and would like to see and experience the world.

I am not going to deny you this pleasure!

What I meant by cutting down travel is not to cut down your holidays or your vacation, but to cut down, as much as possible, travel along congested roads to your office and meetings.

You will now agree how cutting down such travel is not exactly trampling on your freedom, but actually enhancing your pleasure.

Who wouldn’t want to sit in the comfort of home and do the same work instead of wasting a few horrible hours sitting in the middle of traffic or many, many hours stuck in an airport in a far off land!

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