Anirudh Gurumurthi's Insights on Climate Action- Q3 @ C3- Chennai Climate Consortium - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Q3 from C3 is a platform where we collect feedback and insights from Chennai folks from diverse backgrounds on climate change and more specifically, climate action.

In this post, we provide the insights from Anirudh Gurumurthi, who works in Illumine-i, a sustainability solutions firm, as a Manager for its data sciences division.

Chennai Climate Consortium (C3) thanks Anirudh for his valuable inputs.

Like elsewhere, Chennaites are bombarded with information on threats from climate change, but they are told very little about what they can do. How can a strong awareness be created about climate action so that the average Chennaite gets involved?

I believe that using various communication channels like social media platforms, local newspapers, radio, and television to share information about climate change would prove to be beneficial if we could simplify the message and avoid complex jargon. We can also engage with community leaders, popular local figures and social media influencers to promote the message and initiatives. We can talk about the specific consequences of global warming on Chennai and offer relevant examples that will appeal to the locals. Altogether if we can educate the people on practical action-oriented guidance, educating them on the policies through teaching climate education.

What are your recommendations for Chennai to become a role model for climate action for cities worldwide?

We should set up ambitious and achievable action points for our climate targets. The need of the hour is sustainable urban planning and developing infrastructure. We should promote walking and cycling and create mixed-use development retrofit buildings for energy efficiency. Creating sufficient infrastructure for electric mobility and educating the people on their maintenance would be useful as there seems to be no point in setting up the infrastructure and not caring for it. Thus, the main problem which needs to be tackled lies with educating them. Encouraging green spaces and biodiversity is also needed to promote sustainable goals. Collaborating and knowledge sharing with each other helps in gaining useful knowledge.

Personally, what types of climate action or sustainability projects would you like to be involved in?

Personally, I do not have a preference in being involved with only one type of sustainability project. I would love to get involved across different verticals as only then I would be able to get a clear insight about the problems faced. However, if I were to choose, it would be related to water, transportation, energy, and medical fields.

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