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The world’s leading chocolate maker achieved its 2025 target of 25 million pounds reduction in packaging five years earlier

Recently, Hershey’s announced its sustainability plans and targets for 2030 that included targets for packaging and waste reduction in addition to scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reductions targets.

A number of leading FMCG companies have set ambitious sustainability targets, but what makes Hershey’s targets more credible is what they have already achieved in at least one aspect.

The company has achieved by 2020 its 2025 target (set in 2015) of reducing its packaging by 25 million pounds (a 25% reduction). The firm has now set its eyes on reducing packaging a further 25 million pounds by 2030, so that would be a 33% reduction,

Who knows, they might achieve this earlier too! Congratulations.

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