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Coal power plants run at 35% efficiency

Is it possible to increase it to 80%?

Coal power plants are responsible for a very large portion of the 12 billion tons of CO2 annually emitted from power plants worldwide.

And these plants will be operating for decades to come in many countries worldwide (including in India)

What if we could increase the efficiency of coal power generation?

A very challenging proposition, if looked at it in the conventional format as commercially available technologies (ultra supercritical, IGCC etc.) can push it a bit more than 40%.

Given that a large portion of the wasted energy is lost in the form of heat, what if every bit of wasted heat is captured and used elsewhere – for pre-heating water and coal drying at the plant, and for district heating in cold countries?

Perhaps it is possible to increase the overall efficiency of the ecosystem to much higher than 35%.

Welcome to the world of possibilities.

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