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Emerging Bio-economy Opportunities in India

As India moves towards its Net Zero goal, most discussions are around solar power and electric vehicles. Without a doubt, these two (power and transport) are important sectors in the context of decarbonization.

But much less is said about the role that bio-economy will play in decarbonizing almost every sector in India – including power and transport. And the significant business opportunities that this sector will provide to many medium and large Indian businesses. (Not to mention the positive impact it has for India’s rural economy)

Bio-economy broadly comprises



biochemicals and

biomaterials. Biofuels (




bioCNG) and bio-energy (biomass for heating and power) will contribute significantly to decarbonizing transport and industrial heating and power generation. Biochemicals and bio-materials will contribute significantly to lower carbon buildings, furniture, packaging, chemicals, and even our cars and computers.

EAI estimates that from an already sizable Rs 65,000 crores, India’s bio-economy will grow to over Rs 3,80,000 crores by 2030 – a hefty 25% CAGR. Companies from the following industries can benefit significantly from these opportunities: Cosmetics, toiletries & consumer products,  Plastics & rubber, Packaging,  Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Food & Beverages, Agriculture & forest related products

If your firm wishes to benefit from the emerging bio-economy opportunities in India, EAI’s CO3 Bio division will be happy to be of help.

You can know more about the bio-economy opportunities from – https://lnkd.in/gQAkxujH or PM me for a discussion.

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