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Interesting Li-ion battery cell trends – India and international

Some interesting reads I have been having last few weeks in the Indian and global Li-ion cell & upstream ecosystem. Hope some of these resources are of help


WardWizard’s plans for Li-ion cell making in India –

Exide’s plans for Li-ion cell making – & also

Amara Raja’s plans for Li-ion cell making in Telangana –

Ola wants Tamil Nadu to lease more land in Krishnagiri for Li-cell manufacturing –

Local (India-based) Lithium availability could cut EV costs by 15% – but methinks this is a way, way long way away –


Amprius’ si-anode facility in the US –

MIT spin-out 24M’s semi solid state battery tech –

Tesla secures Ni-cathode materials from Korean firm –

Li-ion 2030 battery demand forecast – McKinsey –

Ablemarle’s Li-processing facility in the US –

Status of Iron flow battery firm ESS –

Ceylon Graphite’s graphite performance for Li-ion anode –

Metal-hydrogen battery company EnerVenue to open 1GWh battery factory in Kentucky, scaling up to 20GWh –

Britishvolt’s pivot to ESS –

Evonik Invests Into Fumed Aluminum Oxide Production for Li-B battery separator –

Floatech’s silicon anode plans –

C4V’s high-voltage bio-mineralized lithium mixed metal phosphate (BM-LMP) cathode material plans –

ENTEK’s Lithium Battery Separator Plant in Indiana, USA –

Amprius verifies 500 Wh/kg, 1300 Wh/L battery platform –

Capturing the value of the global lithium supply chain –

Pylontech – Marine Lithium-ion Battery System –

Tesla Recruits Asian Partners To Help Ramp Battery Cell Production –

CATL has Begun Mass Production of Qilin Battery –

KORE Power’s first wholly US-owned li-ion battery factory is going to be smart –

KORE Power chooses Honeywell technologies for its gigafactory –

Canada’s potential to become an EV battery supply chain leader –

Two-thirds of European battery production at risk – analysis IRA subsidies are chief threat to gigafactory plans unless Europe offers accessible incentives and streamlined permitting –

Lilium And Customcells Ramp up Silicon Anode Battery Cell Production –

 See my LinkedIn post on this topic

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