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  • Anglian Water to Produce Hydrogen from Wastewater in UK 

    Here’s an article posted in Proactive Investors.

    According to the article,

    • Anglian Water will produce hydrogen from wastewater at its Cambridge sewage plant.
    • The project is part of a bid to reduce carbon emissions from the process of recycling water.
    • The project will be the first of its kind to use wastewater to produce hydrogen for powering vehicles in the UK.

    The process described involves the production of hydrogen from wastewater at Anglian Water’s sewage treatment plant in Cambridge, UK, with the hydrogen then being sold to Element 2 for use as fuel in vehicles. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

    1. Electrolysis: The process begins with electrolysis, which is the splitting of water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) using an electric current. In this case, Anglian Water has installed an electrolyser at its sewage treatment plant in Cambridge.
    2. Hydrogen Production: The electrolyser at the treatment plant uses electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This process results in the production of hydrogen gas, which is captured for further use.
    3. Daily Production: According to the information provided, the sewage plant is expected to produce approximately 91 kilograms of fuel cell grade hydrogen each day starting in July. This indicates a significant daily output of hydrogen from the wastewater treatment process.
    4. Partnership with Element 2: Anglian Water has partnered with Element 2 to sell the hydrogen produced at the sewage plant. Element 2 will use the hydrogen to fuel vehicles, particularly in the development of hydrogen-powered engines and for its network of refuelling stations across the UK.
    5. Regulatory Support and Funding: The project has received support from regulatory bodies such as Ofwat, which has provided funding for the initiative. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions from the wastewater treatment process, aligning with objectives such as Ofgem’s Triple Carbon Reduction project.
    6. Synergy with Environmental Goals: Anglian Water’s innovation head, Giulia Pizzagalli, highlights the synergy between using wastewater to produce hydrogen and the objectives of reducing carbon emissions. By repurposing a process by-product for vehicle fuel, the project contributes to environmental sustainability efforts.
    7. First of Its Kind in the UK: This project represents the first instance in the UK where wastewater is being utilized to produce hydrogen for powering vehicles. This demonstrates innovation in sustainable energy production and utilization.

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