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Poll: Bacteria, Plants, Oceans, Whales – Who Will Be the Nature-Based Climate Superhero?

Alright, eco-warriors and curious minds, we recently posed a question on LinkedIn that’s a bit out of the ordinary. In the grand scheme of fighting climate change, who’s going to don the cape and save the day? Is it the microscopic marvels under our noses, the green giants standing tall, the vast blue unknown, or the gentle giants of the deep?

And the Poll Says…

Microbes – bacteria, algae 54%
Grass, plants, trees, forests 25%
Oceanic plants/biomass 18%
Large oceanic fauna – whales 4%

It seems that the majority, myself included, believe in the mighty power of the microbe! Yes, those tiny, often overlooked organisms might just be our climate change crusaders. But why stop there? Let’s dive into the why and how of it all.

The Microscopic Lion’s Share: Could Microbes Be the Key to Solving Climate Change?

With microbes grabbing a lion’s share of the votes, it’s clear we’re all cheering for the underdog. Or should I say, under-microbe? These tiny titans, invisible to the naked eye, punch way above their weight class in the climate ring. Did you know phytoplankton, those green specks floating in the ocean, produce half the world’s oxygen? Take that, trees! And as for breaking down methane, a greenhouse gas with a bad rep, certain bacteria do it with flair, showcasing nature’s knack for cleanup operations. 

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These Phytoplanktons, much like their land-based cousins, produce oxygen and absorb CO2, while whales—by their mere existence and movements—fertilize phytoplankton, boosting its growth! Grabbing 18% of the vote, along with our whale friends at a modest 4%, reminding us of the ocean’s vast potential in climate regulation.

My Take?

Choosing microbes might seem like betting on the underdog, but in the vast ecosystem of climate solutions, it’s all about leveraging every advantage we have. From the forest canopies to the ocean depths, our planet is equipped with natural technologies far beyond our current understanding. The challenge, and opportunity, lies in harnessing these powers in concert.

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The Final Winner?

Let’s final winner be not just one, but all nature-based superheroes, for in the symphony of ecological balance, every note is essential. And who knows? With a little science, innovation, and collective will, we might just find our climate salvation in the most unexpected places.

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