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Themes and Topics

  • Ammonia as hydrogen carrier
  • Decarbonization strategies
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Green hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen carrier technologies
  • Hydrogen leakage risks
  • LH2 shipping challenges
  • LH2 vs ammonia shipping
  • LNG to LH2 conversion
  • Renewable energy alternatives
  • Challenges and Risks in Liquefying Hydrogen

    According to an article posted in NRDC, liquefying hydrogen is challenging and costly. It portrays that

    • It requires chilling it to a hyper-cold -253 degrees Celsius. That’s closer to temperatures found in outer space.
    • The process requires significantly more energy than liquefying fossil gas
    • Hydrogen has lower liquid energy density than LNG , meaning that for every LNG ship, approximately 2.4 LH2 ships would be needed to deliver the same amount of energy. This adds cost and energy intensity to the shipping process.

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