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Generating Hydrogen Fuel from Seawater Using Solar Power – Stanford’s Innovation

Here’s an article posted in Stanford News.

According to the article,

  • Stanford researchers have developed a groundbreaking method to generate hydrogen fuel from seawater using solar power, electrodes, and saltwater from San Francisco Bay.
  • This innovation presents an alternative to fossil fuels by harnessing the Earth’s most abundant source of water for chemical energy.

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Green Hydrogen Shipping Fuel Project Abandoned by Equinor, Air Liquide, and Eviny: Norwegian project to produce liquified hydrogen for shipping, aiming for six tons daily, abandoned due to challenges in marine fueling. Solar-Powered Hydrogen Generation from Seawater: by IIT Madras: Researchers develop system producing 100 liters/day of hydrogen from seawater, sufficient to power a small car for 100 km, using solar energy and catalyst.


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