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Green Ammonia Synthesis Using Electrolytes : Indian Scientists Unveil

Here’s an article posted in swarajyamog that talks about the breakthrough unveiled by the Indian scientists for efficient Ammonia synthesis.

According to the article,

  • Indian scientists have developed a new aqueous electrolyte to make electrochemical ammonia synthesis more efficient.
  • The new electrolyte (NaBF4) acts as an N2-carrier and co-catalyst to deliver high yield of ammonia (NH3) at ambient experimental conditions.
  • The breakthrough could benefit green energy and hydrogen industries by reducing carbon emissions in the fertilizer industry and providing a promising solution for the production of green energy
  • The researchers have filed a patent for this work and are now working on an electrolyser to achieve a rapid rate of ammonia production at an industrial scale.


Ammonia (NH3) production

Aqueous electrolyte

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Electrochemical ammonia synthesis

Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) Mohali

NaBF4 electrolyte

Nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR)

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Transition metal-doped nanocarbon (MnN4)

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