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Green Hydrogen Hubs in New Zealand: Transitioning Aviation to a Sustainable Future

Here’s a post by ARUP including the details for the Hydrogen Hubs in New Zealand:

  • Hydrogen is crucial for decarbonising transport worldwide, with the cost of green hydrogen falling rapidly.
  • Collaboration in green hydrogen is taking place across New Zealand, with careful consideration needed for production, storage, transportation, and distribution.
  • A pilot green hydrogen hub at an airport in New Zealand provides a testbed to accelerate the transition to green hydrogen in the aviation industry

Interestingly, we have some other posts related to this content:

“Hydrogen Regional Airliner: The Future of Clean Aviation Projects” – Clean Aviation, a European initiative, is working on 20 projects to develop innovative technologies for greener aircraft, including electric propulsion systems, hydrogen and hybrid gas turbine design, and high-power fuel cells. “New Concept For Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft By Airbus” – Airbus has introduced a revolutionary concept for a hydrogen-powered aircraft to achieve zero emissions during operation, focusing on sustainable aviation technology to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel. “ZEROe Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft Project: Airbus and CFM Join Hands” – Airbus and CFM International are collaborating on a hydrogen-fueled demonstration project called “ZEROe” to put zero-emission commercial aircraft into service by 2035, aiming to achieve zero CO2 and non-CO2 emissions. “Carbon Free Hydrogen Powered Airplanes: Universal Hydrogen and Japanese Companies Team Up” – Universal Hydrogen, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan Airlines (JAL), and Marubeni are collaborating to explore the possibilities of hydrogen-powered airplanes, aiming to develop and implement hydrogen-powered aircraft for sustainable air travel.



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