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  • Biomethane in glassmaking
  • Carbon capture and storage in glass production
  • Encirc glass production
  • Glass Futures collaboration
  • Hydrogen-powered glass manufacturing
  • HyNet project glass industry
  • Low carbon fuel for glass furnaces
  • Nikolaus Sorg furnace technology
  • Sustainable furnace technology
  • Vertex Energy HyNet partnership
  • Green Hydrogen In Glass Production : HyNet Project’s Low Carbon Hybrid Furnace Enhances Glass Production

    Here’s an article posted in The Glass International that talks about HyNet Project’s low-carbon hybrid furnace.

    According to the article,

    • Glass production is energy-intensive, with furnaces consuming 75% of the energy used in glass production operations.
    • Encirc, Glass Futures, and Nikolaus Sorg are developing a low carbon, hybrid furnace as part of the HyNet project.
    • The glass industry must transition away from fossil fuels such as natural gas, and progress is being made in the use of alternative fuels in furnaces.

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