Takasago Hydrogen Park: An Innovation in Green Hydrogen
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Themes and Topics

  • 100% hydrogen firing for gas turbines by 2025
  • 30% hydrogen and natural gas co-firing
  • H-25-series gas turbines
  • Hydrogen production via Water electrolysis
  • Hydrogen storage and combustion for power
  • Large frame JAC-series gas turbines
  • Methane pyrolysis
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Takasago Hydrogen Park
  • Turquoise hydrogen with solid carbon by-product
  • Zero carbon emissions target
  • Facility being developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in Japan; plans for 100% hydrogen firing for small/mid turbines by 2025

    Here’s an article posted in Spectra.

    According to the article,

    Top management consulting experts for Bio-energy, EV, Solar, Green Hydrogen

    • Unprecedented Political and Business Momentum in Clean Hydrogen
    • Takasago Hydrogen Park: Pioneering Commercial-Scale Technologies
    • Insights and Validations Driving Policy Decisions and Investments
    • Fast-Tracking the Global Hydrogen Economy for a Clean and Secure Energy Future

    The Takasago Hydrogen Park is unique in several key ways compared to other hydrogen projects around the world:

    1. It is the world’s first integrated facility to validate the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to storage to power generation. This allows for coordinated testing and optimization across the entire system.
    2. It is co-located with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ existing gas turbine development and manufacturing facilities, enabling close collaboration between hydrogen technologies and gas turbine expertise.
    3. The park will test and validate 30% hydrogen co-firing in large frame gas turbines as well as 100% hydrogen firing in small/medium gas turbines, with the goal of commercializing these technologies by 2025.
    4. Mitsubishi Power is developing and testing a range of hydrogen production technologies at the park, including solid oxide electrolysis, anion exchange membrane electrolysis, and methane pyrolysis to produce “turquoise” hydrogen.
    5. The park is connected to the local grid, allowing for real-world validation of hydrogen-fired power generation and identification of potential risks in a grid-connected environment.
    6. The coordinated R&D, manufacturing, and validation capabilities at the Takasago site allow for rapid iteration and improvement of hydrogen technologies, with the goal of achieving high reliability and accelerating decarbonization.

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