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Green Hydrogen Innovations of Takasago Hydrogen Park

Here’s an article posted in Spectra.

According to the article,

  • Unprecedented Political and Business Momentum in Clean Hydrogen
  • Takasago Hydrogen Park: Pioneering Commercial-Scale Technologies
  • Insights and Validations Driving Policy Decisions and Investments
  • Fast-Tracking the Global Hydrogen Economy for a Clean and Secure Energy Future


100% hydrogen firing for gas turbines by 2025

30% hydrogen and natural gas co-firing

H-25-series gas turbines

Hydrogen production via Water electrolysis

Hydrogen storage and combustion for power

Large frame JAC-series gas turbines

Methane pyrolysis

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Takasago Hydrogen Park

Turquoise hydrogen with solid carbon by-product

Zero carbon emissions target

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