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Green Hydrogen Technology of 8 Rivers Captures 99% of Emissions

Here’s an article posted in Carbon Herald.

According to the article,

  • 8 Rivers’ 8RH2 technology achieves over 99% CO2 capture efficiency in blue hydrogen production, surpassing typical rates of 90-96%, and eliminates virtually all direct CO2 emissions.
  • The process utilizes a proprietary CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR) to capture CO2, eliminating the need for costly amine or cryogenic-based separation processes.
  • The ultra-low carbon hydrogen produced can decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, replace coal in power infrastructure, or be converted to ammonia for transport, offering a scalable solution to accelerate the global transition to net-zero emissions.

The 8RH2’s CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR) process is indeed a groundbreaking advancement in blue hydrogen production, offering exceptional efficiency in carbon capture. Let’s break down the process elaborately:

  1. Oxy-Combustion Process: The 8RH2 process begins with the combustion of natural gas (methane) in the presence of pure oxygen instead of air. This oxy-combustion process generates heat and produces CO2 as a byproduct, along with water vapor.
  2. CO2 Capture: Unlike conventional methods which typically achieve around 90-96% capture rates, the 8RH2 process achieves an extraordinary capture rate of more than 99%. This is achieved by utilizing the CO2 produced during combustion as a heat transfer medium in the proprietary CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR).
  3. CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR): The CCR is a key innovation in the process. It utilizes the CO2 produced in the oxy-combustion process as a heat transfer medium. This reformer is designed to efficiently capture CO2 while maintaining high temperatures required for the reaction.
  4. Sequestration of CO2: After the CO2 is captured in the CCR, it is then sequestered, meaning it is securely stored to prevent it from entering the atmosphere and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. This prevents the release of virtually all direct CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  5. Elimination of Separate Carbon Separation Processes: One significant advantage of the 8RH2 technology is that it eliminates the need for costly amine or cryogenic-based CO2 separation processes. Carbon separation is inherent to the process itself, reducing both cost and complexity.
  6. Ultra-Low Carbon Hydrogen Production: The hydrogen produced through this process is considered ultra-low carbon, as it is produced with minimal direct CO2 emissions. This makes it an attractive option for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors and replacing coal in existing power infrastructure.
  7. Potential Applications: The ultra-low carbon hydrogen produced can be used in various applications, including as a fuel for decarbonization efforts, in power generation, and in the production of ultra-low-carbon ammonia. Ammonia, being easier to store and transport than hydrogen, provides a versatile and scalable solution for accelerating the global transition to net-zero emissions.
  8. Role of Rodney Allam: Rodney Allam MBE, the Master Inventor at 8 Rivers, is credited with inventing the 8RH2 process. Allam is also known for pioneering the Allam-Fetvedt-Cycle (AFC) cycle, which represents a novel approach to emissions reduction in power generation.

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