Hydrogen - The New Pearl in The Ocean?
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Studies show hydrogen cycles prevalent in deep ocean depths; respiration through hydrogen prevalent among soil microbes.

Here’s an article posted in Nature.

According to the article,

In a recent issue of Nature Microbiology, two articles have shed light on the mysterious world of hydrogen cycles in the ocean’s dark interior.

Key findings from the research include:

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  • Marine microorganisms: These microorganisms have been found to capitalize on an abundant and accessible energy source, namely hydrogen (H2), which has long been overlooked
  • Physiological capability: The research showcases that a physiological capability thought to be important in the origins of life on Earth has been hiding in plain sight in the modern ocean
  • A specific species of hydrogenotrophic bacteria, Sulfurimonas pluma, is found to be ubiquitous in non-buoyant hydrothermal plumes. These plumes contain increased concentrations of reduced gases, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and H2, which support the growth of these bacteria.
  • The production of hydrogenases, enzymes necessary for H2 oxidation, requires high levels of iron. However, iron is scarce in much of the ocean, which could explain why H2 oxidation is rare among marine microorganisms.
  • Implications: The finding of hydrogen oxidation in marine microorganisms emphasizes the necessity to reassess its influence on marine microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycles. It also prompts inquiries into how this mechanism may intersect with anthropogenic and climate change effects, like the expansion of marine oxygen minimum zones or alterations in ocean circulation patterns.

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