Hydrogen Grid from Gas Grid: The Green2TSO Project
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Green2TSO Project by European TSOs aim to change gas grids to hydrogen grids; transport of 2 million tons of RE hydrogen expected

Here’s an article posted in Offshore Energy.

According to the article,

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  • Spanish, French, and Portuguese TSOs have signed an agreement to boost the transformation of the gas grid into a hydrogen grid.
  • The initiative, Green2TSO, aims to incorporate new technologies to enable the development of hydrogen in the transport grid.
  • The project will prioritize pilot projects, technology tests, and tasks to accelerate the transformation of the natural gas grid.

The Green2TSO initiative will have several key impacts on the European hydrogen market:

  1. Accelerating the Transformation of the Gas Grid: This will enable the large-scale transportation and distribution of hydrogen across Europe, supporting the development of a European hydrogen market.
  2. Developing Hydrogen Infrastructure: The project focuses on developing critical technologies and solutions for hydrogen detection, measurement, compression, storage, and pipeline compatibility. This will help address key technical challenges and build the necessary infrastructure to support the hydrogen economy.
  3. Aligning with EU Decarbonization Policies: The Green2TSO initiative is aligned with the European Commission’s Green Deal, Fit for 55, and REPowerEU policies, which emphasize the role of TSOs in becoming carriers of hydrogen as a clean energy vector. This alignment will help ensure the project’s activities are coordinated with broader EU objectives.
  4. Enabling the European Hydrogen Backbone: The project is linked to the European Hydrogen Backbone, including the H2Med pipeline connecting Spain, Portugal, and France. This will facilitate the integration of the Iberian Peninsula into the European hydrogen network, increasing market connectivity and liquidity.
  5. Increasing Renewable Hydrogen Supply: By transforming the gas grid, the Green2TSO initiative will support the development of renewable hydrogen infrastructure and production, helping to increase the supply of green hydrogen to the European market.
  6. Informing Regulatory Frameworks: The project’s work on technical solutions and market design will provide valuable insights to policymakers, helping to shape regulatory frameworks that enable the growth of the European hydrogen market.

Overall, the Green2TSO initiative is a significant step towards the integration of hydrogen into the European energy system, supporting the continent’s decarbonization goals and the development of a robust and interconnected hydrogen market.

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