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Themes and Topics

  • Carbon fiber hydrogen tanks
  • Emissions comparison: hydrogen ICE vs diesel
  • Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)
  • Green hydrogen technology
  • Green incentives for hydrogen vehicles
  • Hydrogen ICE as a stepping stone
  • Hydrogen ICE emissions reduction
  • Hydrogen ICE vehicles
  • Hydrogen storage solutions
  • Transition to FCEVs
  • Hydrogen ICE – Benefits and Role 

    Here’s an article from E2 Auto about Hydrogen ICE. 

    According to the article, 

    • Storage: Bulky and expensive hydrogen tanks, carbon fiber could be a solution.
    • Emissions: 95% cleaner than diesel but not zero-emission, might not qualify for green incentives.
    • Role: Stepping stone for cautious carmakers towards FCEVs, not the ultimate green solution.

    H2 ICEs have potential, but FCEVs remain the ultimate green goal.

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    Efficiency of Hydrogen-Powered Diesel Engines: Researchers convert diesel engines to run on 90% hydrogen, boosting efficiency by 26%, offering a cleaner alternative and quicker solution for environmental impact reduction. Hydrogen-Powered Engine for Cost-Effective Zero-Emission Developed by JCB: JCB unveils hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine as practical, cost-effective zero-emission alternative for heavy machinery, addressing challenges for widespread adoption.

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