Hydrogen Liquefaction Market Boom: 2030's Predictions
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  • Major boom expected to hydrogen liquefaction market by 2030; Asia-Pacific leading current market growth; innovations still in development.

    Here’s an article posted in XHerald.

    According to the article,

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    • Hydrogen Liquefaction Market projected to reach USD 7514.0 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 7.88% from 2023-2031.
    • Global Hydrogen Liquefaction System Market was valued at US$ 3,796.7 million in 2022.
    • Asia-Pacific region is driving the growth of the hydrogen liquefaction system market.

    Here are some of the latest advancements in hydrogen liquefaction technology:

    1. Improvements in recycle compression system technology: Innovations in the recycle compression system are identified as a potential avenue for reducing the energy consumption of hydrogen liquefaction processes
    2. Advancements in cryogenic refrigeration loops: Innovations in cryogenic refrigeration loops are also highlighted as a way to enhance the energy efficiency of hydrogen liquefaction systems. 
    3. Turbine technology improvements: Advancements in turbine technology are cited as another important innovation that can help reduce the energy consumption of hydrogen liquefaction processes. 
    4. Magnetic refrigeration technology: The development of advanced hydrogen liquefaction systems using magnetic refrigeration technology is being explored, with the potential to achieve liquefaction efficiencies higher than 50% while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 
    5. Hybrid refrigeration cycles: A hybrid refrigeration cycle consisting of a precooling cycle and a magnetic active regenerator cycle has been proposed, estimated to achieve a liquefaction capacity of 100 kg/day with an efficiency (FOM) of 0.5. 
    6. Compact and energy-saving re-condensation refrigerators: Research is also focused on developing compact and energy-saving re-condensation refrigerators to realize zero boil-off in liquid hydrogen storage. 

    These advancements are crucial for the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, particularly in the context of the global energy transition and decarbonization efforts.

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    The Asia Pacific region holds an impressive market share of over 32%, with countries like China and Japan leading the charge.

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