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  • Bio-fuel economy transformation India
  • BPCL Ashok Leyland ED7 fuel blend
  • BS6 engine ethanol compatibility
  • Carbon emissions reduction strategies
  • Ethanol-blended petrol blends E20 to E85
  • Ethanol-diesel blend pilot program
  • Flex-Fuel Prototype Hero MotoCorp
  • Green fuel initiatives in India
  • Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas India initiatives
  • Renewable fuel technologies India
  • India’s Green Hydrogen Fuel Vision – BPCL & Ashok Leyland’s Blend ED7

    Here’s an article posted in Financial Express that talks about the collaboration of BPCL and Ashok Leyland for India’s green fuel vision.

    According to the article,

    • BPCL and Ashok Leyland are testing a new fuel called ED7, which is a blend of 93% diesel and 7% ethanol.
    • The purpose is to reduce pollution and create a more stable energy mix for India.
    • The fuel has shown promising results in reducing pollution levels during testing.

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