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Poll: Is it a good idea to tinker around with earth to control global  warming?

The question posed to our audience this time was both controversial and thought-provoking: “Is it a good idea to tinker around with Earth to control global warming?” This poll, a part of our ongoing series in LinkedIn designed to engage and gather insights from the business and expert community, sought to understand the collective opinion on the use of geoengineering as a means to combat the dire consequences of climate change.

Poll Results

Yes, it’s a good idea 52%
No, it’s not a good idea48%

A razor-thin majority supports the idea, indicating a deep division within our community on this critical issue. With 24 votes cast, the results reflect the complex considerations and ethical dilemmas posed by geoengineering.

Analysis and Insights

Can’t shake the feeling that geoengineering might just be the card we have to play with the Earth hanging on a thread! Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Maybe some geoengineering experiments won’t throw us into chaos.

Lucky break, huh?

Yet, here’s a thought that keeps me up at night: the side effects of geoengineering are akin to a colossal enigma. It’s like stepping into a fog so thick, you can’t see your own feet. What untold risks might we unwittingly unleash in our pursuit of climate equilibrium?

In juggling my dual roles – a business enthusiast and a climate action crusader – I’ve stumbled upon pearls of wisdom from the titans of thought and innovation that stop you in your tracks:

  • Geoengineering is akin to treating the symptoms rather than curing the disease, – Dr. Jane Goodall. 
  • “Consider large-scale geoengineering as the last resort, to be called upon only after all other avenues are exhausted,” – Bill Gates.

While we scratch the earth for solutions, we must not lose sight of the root causes demanding our attention.The path we choose should be paved with informed decisions, not just technological bravado. After all, the quest to save our home planet from the clutches of climate change is a marathon, not a sprint. And in this race, every step counts.Stay engaged, stay informed, and, above all, stay cautiously optimistic about the odyssey to safeguard our planet’s future.


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