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Themes and Topics

  • Decarbonization of transportation with green hydrogen
  • Engineering enzymes for hydrogen production
  • Green hydrogen production catalysts
  • Hybrid materials for green hydrogen
  • Photocatalysis for green hydrogen
  • Renewable energy conversion with natural enzymes
  • Research collaboration for green hydrogen
  • Solar-driven hydrogen generation
  • Solvent design for hydrogenases
  • Sustainable catalysts for hydrogenases
  • Low-Cost Green Hydrogen Production : Harnessing Sunlight with Natural Catalysts 

    A recently posted article in ScienceDaily says that experts from Swansea and Grenoble have joined forces to develop a low-cost way to produce green hydrogen using sustainable catalysts. 

    As per the article, 

    • Researchers have developed a low-cost catalyst that uses as little platinum as possible, which can be cheaply scaled for mass use
    • The catalyst efficiently produces green hydrogen from sunlight, combining two components that cannot achieve this on their own
    • Georgia Tech’s research team is also working on making green hydrogen less costly and more durable using hybrid materials for the electrocatalyst
    • The ultimate goal is to replace expensive and rare noble metal components such as platinum and iridium with sustainable catalysts, allowing green hydrogen to provide low-carbon energy and fuels when and where needed

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