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Prototype for Green Hydrogen Production : Baglietto Power Station Develops

There is an article in Superyacht Times. According to it, Baglietto has presented a shore-based prototype of a green hydrogen production module that will be at the core of its onboard fuel cell technology. The facts about the power station as per the article are

  • The hydrogen production module runs filtered and deionized sea water through AEM-type electrolysers
  • It is powered by energy from solar panels and the shore power grid.
  • The hydrogen produced is safely stored in solid state in metal hydride cylinders  at low pressure (35 bar) and room temperature  – the most compact way to store hydrogen


AEM-type electrolysers for hydrogen production

Baglietto Bzero sustainability initiative

Baglietto Energy department

Bluenergy Revolution

DC/DC converter for electricity control



Hydrogen production module for yachts

International partners in the Bzero project: Arco Technologies

Lithium-ion batteries for peak shaving

Metal hydride cylinders for hydrogen storage

PEM-type fuel cell module for electricity generation


Siemens Energy

Thermal management system for hydrogen discharge and charging

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