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Shipping with Green Hydrogen : Ammonia Cracking Technology By Pherousa

Here’s an article found in Maritime-Executive that talks about Pherousa’s deal with pure hydrogen.

According to this article,

  • Norwegian startup Pherousa Green Shipping has developed technology to allow ships to operate on pure hydrogen as fuel
  • They propose to solve challenges of storing and using hydrogen on deep-sea shipping with ammonia cracker
  • Ammonia cracking technology developed by Pherousa Green Technologies (PGT) is a game changer

The technology developed by Pherousa Green Shipping revolves around the use of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier for deep-sea shipping, addressing the challenges associated with storing and using pure hydrogen fuel. Here’s an elaboration on the process behind this technology:

  1. Hydrogen as Zero-Emission Fuel: Hydrogen is hailed as a truly zero-emission fuel, as its combustion only produces water vapor as a byproduct. However, storing and utilizing hydrogen on deep-sea vessels pose significant challenges due to its low density and high volatility.
  2. Ammonia as Hydrogen Carrier: Pherousa Green Shipping recognizes ammonia as a viable hydrogen carrier because it contains no carbon in its molecule and is readily available. Ammonia (NH3) is composed of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms. When broken down, it releases hydrogen for use as fuel.
  3. Ammonia Cracking Technology: At the heart of Pherousa Green Shipping’s solution is its proprietary ammonia cracking technology. This technology allows for the separation of hydrogen from ammonia, enabling its use as a marine fuel. The process involves breaking down ammonia molecules into their constituent hydrogen and nitrogen components.
  4. Minimal Pilot Fuel Usage: Pherousa Green Shipping’s technology enables ships to operate with a minimal amount of pilot fuel. This means that the main propulsion systems can rely primarily on the enriched ammonia and resulting hydrogen as fuel sources, achieving truly zero-emission operations.
  5. Power Generation Options: The technology also offers flexibility in power generation methods. While direct ammonia fuel cells can be used, the system allows for the use of pure hydrogen in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells as well. This versatility enables optimized power production based on operational requirements and fuel availability.
  6. Cost-Efficient Operations: By utilizing ammonia cracking technology, Pherousa Green Shipping aims to make deep-sea shipping more cost-efficient while achieving zero emissions. The technology enables the use of ammonia and hydrogen in a manner that is economically viable for commercial shipping operations.
  7. Collaborative Development: Pherousa Green Shipping collaborates with ship design and engineering companies like Deltamarin to adapt existing vessel designs for ammonia-based propulsion systems. This collaborative effort ensures that the technology can be seamlessly integrated into new ship builds while optimizing vessel performance and efficiency.
  8. Strategic Partnerships: Pherousa Green Shipping is actively engaging with stakeholders across the shipping industry, including mining companies, fuel suppliers, shipyards, and financiers. These partnerships are essential for the development, deployment, and operation of ammonia-fueled vessels on a global scale.

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