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Themes and Topics

  • Ammonia production from low-carbon hydrogen
  • Baytown integrated complex emissions reduction
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) network
  • Decarbonization efforts in the petrochemical industry
  • ExxonMobil low-carbon hydrogen facility
  • Hydrogen and ammonia off-take agreements
  • Low-carbon hydrogen production technologies
  • Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reduction
  • Sustainable olefins production from low-carbon hydrogen.
  • Technip Energies FEED contract
  • ExxonMobil advances plans for the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen facility, targeting significant emissions reductions and sustainable energy solutions by 2027-2028.

    Here’s the detailed article posted by ExxonMobil.

    According to them,

    • ExxonMobil is advancing the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen production facility, targeting 1 billion cubic feet of low-carbon hydrogen per day, with plans to capture over 98% of associated CO2 emissions and for permanent storage, contributing to significant emissions reduction efforts.
    • By transitioning from natural gas to low-carbon hydrogen, ExxonMobil anticipates up to a 30% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions at its Baytown integrated complex.
    • Technip Energies had been awarded the contract for the next stage of front-end engineering and design, marking a crucial step in realizing this ambitious low-carbon hydrogen project.

    But one question still lingers: What made Technip Technologies so special that this company became the ‘chosen one’ for this highly important project? Here are some possible reasons:

    • Technip Energies brings significant experience and expertise in gas and low-carbon energy projects. As an engineering and technology company dedicated to the energy transition, they possess the necessary skills to design a project of this scale and complexity.
    • Technip Energies maintains a strong presence in the Houston area, the project’s location. This local knowledge and established relationships likely influenced their selection.
    • The company employs a robust project delivery model, supported by extensive technology, products, and services. This proven track record of successful project execution made Technip Energies a trusted partner for ExxonMobil.
    • Technip Energies is committed to advancing the energy transition. This alignment with ExxonMobil’s goals of decarbonization and emissions reduction was a crucial factor.
    • The company has pioneered the use of its proprietary low-carbon hydrogen production technologies combined with carbon capture solutions.

      Therefore, it is clear that Technip Energies’ extensive experience, local presence, project delivery capabilities, commitment to the energy transition, and pioneering low-carbon technologies made them the ideal choice to design ExxonMobil’s groundbreaking hydrogen and carbon capture facility.

    This step by ExxonMobil is a very crucial step, one that could possibly take it closer to its net-zero goals.

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    But that’s not all! Here are some of the other steps ExxonMobil is taking to push this technology forward:

    • Collaborating with Honeywell to implement carbon capture technology, with the Baytown hydrogen project aiming to capture approximately 7 million tons of CO2 annually.
    • Studying tech progress for hydrogen transport: Cross-industry efforts for low-carbon hydrogen production at scale with gas infrastructure to be used for transport as well as working with others to develop transport standards and collaborate with the U.S. Department of Energy.
    • Working with MIT Energy Initiative, they are developing a new tool measuring carbon emissions from various technologies, including blue hydrogen, to aid policymakers in incentivizing emission-reducing investments effectively.

    With these steps, ExxonMobil is certainly taking charge in the development of low-carbon hydrogen. As the plant still continues to be developed, it might only be a matter of time until yet another possible revolution comes to be: one that can change the world.

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