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Have a Unique “Green” Product that can make a Difference? Talk to EAI

As the world and India start looking at ways and means to build environmental sustainability into their everyday fabric, a multitude of diverse, niche solutions are required to get us there.

While renewable energy is the most visible component of environmental sustainability, it is only a part of the solution. In fact, the share of renewable energy is only about 15% in the overall market for clean technology and sustainability solutions.

One can hence imagine the large number of interesting products and solutions that will be required to create a sustainable, clean and green world.

I have no doubt at all that there are hundreds of Indian companies and entrepreneurs who are developing interesting and unique solutions in the domain of clean tech and sustainability. EAI would like to assist these companies – especially, the small ones among these – by providing them the market access they require as well as assisting them in resource mobilization.

EAI is especially keen on those companies with unique solutions that attack critical pain points in the sustainability/cleantech domain.

Interested? Send in details about your product/solution to EAIcatalyst@eai.in

I look forward to hearing from creative entrepreneurs and businesses developing unique solutions that make a difference.

Narasimhan Santhanam

Cofounder &

narsi@eai.in, www.eai.in

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