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Review & highlights of Bill Gates’ latest book on Climate Change – Cleantech can save the planet

  Bill Gates released his latest book How to avoid a climate disaster in February 2021. I found the book quite interesting and valuable, and am providing my review. I hope you find it useful – Narasimhan Santhanam, Director, EAI (You can find a copy of this...

Potential Geothermal Regions/Sources of India

With the India’s geothermal power potential of 10,600MW, I would like to share the potential sources/ regions where geothermal energy can be harnessed in India. Province Surface To C Reservoir To C Heat Flow Thermal gradient Himalaya >90 260 468 100 Cambay 40-90...

Geothermal Energy Potential in India

A recent news items says that India has a geothermal power potential of 10,600MW, but the country is yet to see a single commissioned project that harnesses this technology. Though the capital cost for generating energy through geothermal is Rs80 million ($A2.46...
CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 - India climate start ups event

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