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Company Showcase




Energy & Environment Media & Events


  • Magazine and Events

Hyderabad, India

Key Activities

  • Hyrex 2014 -Hyderabad Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition
  • Events and awareness programs for renewable energy and sustainability.

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Kesavan Sundera Murthy – Editor of Spoorthy Padham Magazine and Director of Ecosure delivering the welcome address at AP Renewable Energy Seminar 2013 held on March 2013 in Hyderabad.

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EcoSURE is a media and events company with a firm focus on being an important catalyst for the growth and progress of renewable energy and clean technology, specifically in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The EcoSURE division specifically focuses on dedicated events and awareness programs for renewable energy and environmental sustainability. Their products and services include

  • Energy & Environment Expo & Workshops
  • Focus on Promoting Renewable Energy in Andhra Pradesh
  • Organizing renewable energy events

A brief Q&A with the company representative on the key value additions that the company provides:

Excerpts from the interview with director of Ecosure

Please provide a brief background about your organization

EocSURE is part of Spoorthy Padam, a Telugu magazine that has been at the forefront of creating awareness, especially among the youth, on a range of emerging trends, including renewable energy. The EcoSURE division was started about a year back specifically to focus on dedicated events and awareness programs for renewable energy and environmental sustainability

What inspired you to start EcoSURE?

While renewable energy and clean technology have been in the news for the past few years, at EcoSURE we feel that the awareness is very superficial and shallow at the level of common public. But for sustainability ideas and businesses to grow and flourish, the man on the street needs to understand the sector better to take better-informed decisions. EcoSURE has been formed to cater to this need, and we will have a specific focus on Andhra Pradesh in general and Hyderabad to start with.

Tell us about the HYREX event EcoSure plans to have in April 2014

HYREX is Hyderabad’s most complete renewable energy, cleantech and sustainability event – a combination of exhibition, product demonstrations, workshops and knowledge sessions. Going beyond just solar, wind and biomass power, the event will have sections dedicated to critical areas such as energy efficiency, green buildnigs, water, pollution control and more. HYREX will also be unique in that it is highly action-oriented, with workshops, product demonstration and expert networking sessions dominating the show. The event will take place at the Hitex, Hyderabad, on Apr 26 & 27, 2014.

What are your future plans for EcoSURE and HYREX?

Currently, HYREX is organized in Hyderabad. In future, our plan is expand the activities of EcoSURE to all over Andhra Pradesh, especially the smaller towns. In addition to the large events such as the upcoming one in April, we will be conducting smaller, hands-on workshops and group sessions for well-defined domains such as energy auditing, green factories, sustainability education in colleges and schools etc. I expect EcoSURE to be an important part of India’s renewable energy movement within the next 3 years.

What is your message for the Indian renewable energy industry?

Renewable energy might currently be facing a number of difficult challenges, but renewable and sustainable energy is the future. Entrepreneurs and businesses keen on entering this field should hence focus more on long term goals than short term profits – this way, they will surely reap rich financial rewards in the long run.

Thank you for reading out the company page of Ecosure. Please write your questions/enquiries to , We will get in touch with you with your questions answered, as early as possible.

Address Spoorthy Padham Magazine #6, 1st Floor, AVM Towers, Beside Chutney’s Restaurant, Jntu Circle, KPHB Main Road, Hyderabad – 500072 Contact: Kesavan Sundera Murthy – +91 8885590969 Raja Shekar – +91 8686536569


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