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The Value Proposition

SustEdge, a division of EAI, offers a focused consulting offering for the top management of Indian companies keen on tapping into opportunities offered by the fast growing market for products and solutions that are sustainable and environment friendly.

The Research & Consulting Team at EAI comprises professionals from reputed institutions such as the IITs and IIMs, and who have considerable acquaintance with the Indian sustainability sector.

Who can benefit from SustEdge?

If your company is keen on aligning your existing products and solutions to a more sustainable portfolio in order to benefit from the changing Indian and global market aspirations, EAI’s strategic assistance will be critical for your company in designing a powerful roadmap.

Our SustEdge assistance will be especially to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies in India. We can help your company understand the emerging market and consumer contours in sustainability better, and help you design products, processes and solutions that will enable you to offer your solutions that has the sustainability edge.

Our consulting services are a rich combination of insights and actionables, and are directed towards companies’ top management.

Achieving the Sustainability Edge

The key value we bring to building your sustainability edge is our knowledge and expertise to evaluate a comprehensive set of sustainability avenues covering the core and extended ecosystems of your business.

The other value we add is in helping your company translate your sustainability efforts and results into meaningful and powerful metrics that significantly enhance your company’s branding and positioning.

The most effective ways to attain the sustainability edge will be different for different companies, even if they are in the same business category. This is because the sustainability edge is achieved not only by leveraging the tangible assets and business characteristics, but also by building upon the company culture and value systems. A company that had long had a culture of involving the society around its manufacturing facilities in its activities could develop sustainable strategies that build upon this aspect – this company could emphasise on procuring a lot more components or raw materials from local vendors, for instance.

Adding elements of sustainability to your business is no longer just good ethics, it is good business too, because in India, as well as in many other parts of the world, we are today having more aware and more active consumers. Such consumers are increasingly demanding that the brands they purchase or consume should care about the people and the planet as much as they care about profits.

Examples of consumer sustainability aspirations abound across diverse end use sectors and products – be they in the form of organically produced food, in the movement away from leather & fur, or in the form of energy and resource saving features of the product.

In addition, evolving government mandates and regulations add another set of imperatives for your company’s value chain to embrace sustainability. Such external drivers essentially imply that being a more sustainable enterprise could not just get more business, it also could mean less penalties!

Finally, the best of breed companies worldwide, and in India, are reviewing their entire value chains to explore how best to embed sustainability in as many of the value chain components as possible – starting all the way from raw material production (by their suppliers!) to in-bound and out-bound logistics, to how packaging of their products for their end users could be more sustainable and environment friendly.

The top management of companies need to consider all the above aspects while they try to design their companies to attain the sustainability edge.

What are the specific categories of assistance from EAI’s SustEdge consulting for Indian corporates?

SustEdge’s strategic consulting services can benefit your company through one or more of the following avenues.

Strategic Assistance Avenue Details
Analysis Market Analysis - Detailed analysis of your product and market to understand the types of sustainability aspirations for your immediate customer as well as your extended customers. This will involve understanding of both business imperatives owing to external regulations as well as intrinsic demands and needs of end users.
Policy & Regulatory Analysis - Detailed analyses of the policy and regulatory trends in the context of sustainability that can have a direct or indirect impact on your company’s business prospects, and how your company can strategise your sustainability strategy to adhere to the emerging norms and standards.
Best Practices Research & Analysis - Our research team can help you get an excellent idea of the key sustainability practices being adopted by other Indian peers and global leaders in order for your company to leverage efforts
Partnerships JVs & Partnerships - Assistance in identifying business or technology partners for joint venture, technology licensing and more that can either directly add a sustainable product to your portfolio or add that sustainability edge to your existing products.
Innovations Identifying Opportunities around Key Innovations - Focussed research assistance that enables your company to identify innovations that have the potential to add the sustainability edge to your products, as well as identifying and analyzing companies that are attractive for investments or acquisitions to enhance your sustainable product portfolio.

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    Why is the SustEdge Strategic Assistance Unique?

    We provide value that is a combination of strategy and action. We bring forth a combination of insights, actionable recommendations and go-to-market assistance, made possible because of our firm’s marketing orientation and our wide network of contacts in the sustainability industry.

    Expertise all along the sustainability ecosystem. Our team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments across a wide spectrum of sustainability and cleantech in the past 10 years – renewable energy, sustainable products, waste management, renewable chemicals, electric mobility and more.As our consulting has always been market facing, it has provided us with exceptional perspectives about market demands and sustainability aspirations for a wide variety of business and end user sectors.

    Value for Money - We cost a fraction of what the top management consulting firms cost for similar value!

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