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Learn Wind – EAI RETrain Series

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Who We Are

EAI is India’s leading knowledge and business support provider for the renewable energy and cleantech industry. Our exceptional understanding of this industry, coupled with in-depth assignments, gives us a terrific edge in assisting professionals, students and enthusiasts to understand and appreciate renewable energy. Our specific work in wind energy industry for leading Indian and international corporate have in addition provided us with unique expertise for teaching about wind energy.

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EAI Know Wind

  • Introduction to wind energy
  • Present Status of Wind Power in India – Potential Vs. Achievement
  • Government incentives and policies – AD, GBI, REC etc.
  • Capacity addition trends
  • Prominent companies in India in wind energy, along the entire value chain
  • Prospects for off shore wind and small wind technology in India
  • Emerging markets for wind energy
  • Issues and challenges in the wind energy sector
  • Career opportunities in wind energy sector
  • Business opportunities in wind energy value chain

Attendees will also be provided a comprehensive book that will include all the details explained in the seminar.

How to attend EAI Learn Wind seminars?

‘EAI Learn Wind seminars’ currently take place only in Chennai. This is a 2-day seminar. Check with us for the next seminar in this series.

If you are keen on joining the EAI Learn Wind Seminars, please send us an email and we will revert to you soon.

Please send these details to learn@eai.in

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