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GreenBrilliance commissions a Rooftop Solar PV Power System in Vadodara, Gujarat

GreenBrilliance, a leading manufacturer of globally certified photovoltaic solar modules based out of Vadodara, Gujarat, India announces the successful installation and commissioning of a Rooftop Solar PVsystem. The PV system is installed on a roof top of a commercial building in Vadodara, Gujarat. Vadodara is one of the fastest growing cities in Gujarat with many businesses and residential communities roofs providing prime location for installing rooftop PV systems.

The installed rooftop Solar PV system is designed using high performance poly-crystalline modules manufactured by GreenBrilliance at their world class ISO certified manufacturing facility in the heart of BIDC, Vadodara. The off-grid solar PV system is set up for captive consumption and has a battery backup of approx 3 hours. The culmination of high performing GreenBrilliance modules and finesse in engineering the system for optimization, it has not only reduced the business owner’s dependency on conventional power but has drastically reduced their energy bill.

Renewable energy, specifically solar is very well suited for India. There is an increase in awareness and knowledge of clean and green energy usage. The residents and business owners of Vadodara are willing to setup small rooftop solar systems to offset dependency on conventional energy and reduce their carbon foot print. GreenBrilliance with its worldwide experience and impressive portfolio of installing and commissioning hundreds of roof-top systems is emerging as a major market leader in setting up systems locally in Gujarat. The local office in BIDC Vadodara will cater to the entire sales & service support.

GreenBrilliance is a Channel Partner with MNRE (Ministry of Renewable Energy) for Solar PV Systems. This partnership is advantageous to our customers because it streamlines the processes related to subsidy application. It provides a single window to go through with the subsidy application process with MNRE without going through the State Nodal Agency.

“With our strong partners in technology, we procure the best equipment and are able to deliver a cost effective solution for commercial and residential customer. Our sales team has identified quite a few sites in Vadodara ranging from small to large scale PV system potentials. The systems are custom designed to meet the needs of homeowners and are delivered at world class standards,” says Shantanu Jain, Technical Sales, GreenBrilliance.

“The state Government is actively taking steps towards making Gujarat a greener state. The local presence of GreenBrilliance in BIDC Vadodara is extremely advantageous to the community of Vadodara. Customers and interested parties are welcome to meet our team and see our products. Our engineering teams are fine tuned to provide the best solar solutions to meet their energy needs and reduce carbon footprint,” added Raman Bhardwaj, Director Operations, GreenBrilliance.

GreenBrilliance, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end solar energy Services Company with its state-of-the- art ISO certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. The company manufactures world class, top quality crystalline solar photovoltaic modules ranging from70 Wp to 300 Wp and certified for Global markets. GreenBrilliance, with offices and presence in more than ten countries is a leading provider of turnkey EPC solutions for residential, commercial, and utility scale (MW size) power plants worldwide. For more information, visit or contact at 1-888-365-ASKGB.

Sumit Bhatnagar,
Managing Partner
Phone: 703-657-0090, 888-365-ASKGB

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