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Bioremediation Companies

[custom_frame_left] ONGC Teri Biotech Limited[/custom_frame_left]

 ONGC Teri Biotech Limited

New Delhi

Providing large-scale bioremediation solutions for cleaning up oil spills and paraffin deposition in oil well tubing and surface flow lines.



Chempure technologies


Provides bio remediation solutions for the treatment of both municipal and industrial waste water using enzymes;Chempure is in technical collaboration with BioFuture, an Ireland based company for Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment.



Sri Biotech Laboratories


Engaged in the manufacture of bioremediation products for soil replenishment.[divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]Aireff deTox Limited[/custom_frame_left]

Aireff deTox Limited


Provides solutions for polluted water bodies through bio-remediation



Biotech Services


Activities include soil bioremediation and bioaugmentation;The Company is also involved in manufacture of waste water treatment equipments.


[custom_frame_left]Organic Biotech[/custom_frame_left]

Organica Biotech Private Limited


Engaged in providing solutions for sewage,lake and soil bioremediation.



Amrit Clean Water Technologies Private Limited


Distributor of products for soil, water and pond bioremediation;The company is in colloboration with Emtech,a Thailand based company.


[custom_frame_left]Green Apple[/custom_frame_left]

Green Apple Environmental Technologies


The Company distributes products exclusively to combat Hydrocarbon Pollution and Oils Spill Containment in Water and Ground regions.



Jai Biotech Industries


Provides bioremedial solutions for lakes and ponds,septic tanks,sewage and for solid waste management.[divider_top]

Sanzyme Limited


Provides solutions formunicipal and industrial waste water treatment,industrial cleanup, biocomposting and hydrocarbons bioremediation.[divider_top]


VNS Enviro BiotechQ Private Limited


Solution providers for effluent treatment, sewage treatment, soil and ground water remediation, bio composting of solid wastes.The Company is in association with Adventus group, based out of USA, for bioremediation solutions.



Ecotech Environmental and Petromarine Engineering Pvt Ltd


Provides bio remediation solutions for the treatment of metal contaminated water and sludge recovering system for removing sludge from dissolvers or vessels in hot cells.


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