3rd EAI Contest - Oct 10 - Questions & Answers and Winners - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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3rd EAI Contest – Oct 10 – Questions & Answers and Winners

 Questions & Answers


1. Two new platforms of which railway station will be built using non-biodegradable waste?

Ans: Ernakulum Junction (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7033)

2. Hawaii Natural Energy Institute has taken a pioneering initiative to demonstrate the use of what as a potential energy storage technology?

Ans: Hydrogen (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7066)

3. What daily consumer appliance, it has been found, can be used to make thin-film photovoltaic products?

Ans: Microwave ovens (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7036)

4. Gamesa is known as a biggie in wind power. What rather surprising product did it recently launch in India, which has nothing to do with wind energy?

Ans: Solar inverter (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7030)

5. Renewable energy investments worldwide fell 20% in the third quarter this year? What, according to industry experts, is the main reason for this fall?

Ans: Lower wind financing (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7068)

6. In addition to electricity, what other fuel will be produced from the two plants at Ghazipur landfill sites, to be built by East Delhi Municipal Corporation?

Ans: CNG (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7042)

7. Which famous or infamous Indian landmark recently tied up with BARC to produce biogas and manure from kitchen waste?

Ans: Tihar Jail (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7037)

8. Which country recently inaugurated a test centre to make next generation mega wind turbines a reality?

Ans: Denmark (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7055)

9. What unique “intelligence gathering” practice has been adopted by the garbage collecting authorities from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)?

Ans: Geo-tagging (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7063)

10. What unique storage technology was originally developed by Peter Dearman, a garage inventor in Hertfordshire, U.K., to power vehicles?

Ans: Liquid air battery (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/6997)




Divya Lad, Mumbai

Designation: Asst. Project Manager

Company: International Trade and Exhibitions India Private Limited


1st Runner up

Jasmeet Singh, Haryana

Jasmeet Singh has 4 Years of rich experience in clean energy outfitted with Managerial, Economical & Technical expertise of Renewable, Climate Change & Power Sector. He has expertise in renewable energy projects (solar, wind, hydro and biomass), climate change (CDM, VCS/VERs, and Sustainability), power sector (REC, Power Trading, and Regulatory), rooftop solar (Project Management & Execution Consultancy) and networking(IPPs, MNRE, CERC, SNAs – Renewable Energy Development, Power Exchanges (IEX & PXIL), Technical & Financial Experts of Power Industry).

He has done his MBA from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun. He has worked as a senior consultant at Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Presently he is working as an assisstant manager/validator at KBS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. – CDM DOE.

2nd Runner up

Vivek Patel, Andhra Pradesh

Vivek Patel is a graduate of the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), India along with MBA in marketing management as well certified patent attorney. His areas of expertise involve consulting, market research and technical sales and marketing in polymers, composites, wind energy, chemicals and nanotechnology. Mr. Patel is writing/reviewing/editing techno-commercial magazine such as Moderen Polymers & Plastics, Chemical World, Chemical Weekly, FRP Today, and Popular Plastics and Packaging among others. Recently, his articles have been picked up by Forbes and Times of India.

Recently his innovation has won Next Big Idea Business Competition, organised by IIM-B, Intel and Department of Science and Technology (DST), India and final showcased in the Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition, 2011. Also business idea got selected in top 50 in FICCI Innovation, Eureka (IIT-B), Power of Ideas, Economic times.

3rd Runner up

Natesh P. Sarma, New Delhi

Natesh has over 3 years of experience in project finance in the infrastructure sector. His present employer is Power Finance Corporation Ltd. He  completed his MBA in 2009 from FORE School of Management and previously completed B.Tech from University of Calicut, Kerala.


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