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If you are a scientist or researcher keen on knowing about the latest technical and research advancements in the fast growing bioplastics & biopolymers sectors, make sure you attend the India Bioplastics Summit 2017.

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Bioplastics, biopolymers & other bio-based packaging solutions represent an attractive research domain for scientists and researchers from biotech, chemical, plastics/rubber and environmental engineering disciplines.

Know more about the latest tech and scientific trends in this exciting domain from the India Bioplastics Summit 2017 – IBS 2017, the first and only conference & networking platform of its kind for India.

Scientist/Research Focus @ IBS 2017

What are the Key Benefits for Scientists and Researchers from IBS 2017?

  • Understand the latest technologies, innovations and research topics in the world of bioplastics and biopolymers from scientific experts in this field
  • The event has a significant focus on the technical and scientific aspects of bioplastics and biopolymers
  • This is the first such platform in India where scientific and technical experts from diverse components of the bioplastics and biopolymers sectors will be available at one place.
  • More than 25 leading bioplastics scientific experts and researchers will be at the event for you to interact with and gain practical insights from.
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Key Product Categories Focused on @ IBS 2017

As a delegate @ IBS 2017, you will obtain excellent insights for the following four product and solution categories

  • Bioplastics & Biopolymers
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  • Bio-based Foodware and Related Products
  • Recycling & Other Plastic End-of-Life Solutions

Sessions of Interest to Scientists & Researchers

  • Emerging technologies and solutions that could have attractive potential in near future
  • Alternatives to plastics – sustainable alternative solutions to plastics in packaging and other common uses
  • Standards & certifications that apply to bioplastics and biopolymers
  • Production processes for a range of bioplastics and bio-based materials
  • Properties – physical and functional properties bioplastics and other bio-based products
  • Networking session with scientists and technical experts currently doing research in this sector
  • Demonstration of the diverse bioplastics and other bio-based packaging solutions from leading companies
  • Networking session with scientists and technical experts working in this sector
  • Over 25 leading bioplastics/biopolymers related scientific and technical professionals will be at the event for you to interact with and gain research insights from.

Registration Fee – Rs.9500 (Inclusive of taxes)

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